Man Seeks Out Help Of Private Investigator To Solve Cyberbullying Case

Last week, Tom filed a leave of absence from his office to attend to some personal matters. He had to make a three-hour drive to Oxford to personally meet his good friend Robert who works as private investigator, taking almost all types cases – from legal investigation to cyber investigation. And that was the main reason why Tom had to meet him.

private investigator solves cyberbullying case for a friend
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Tom’s son has been distracted for several days because his classmates in school were mocking and sneering at him. They claimed that his son was bullying them on Facebook.  But the truth was someone from their school had been setting up a false account with his son’s name and pictures posting a lot of mean and foul words intended for his classmates. This thing had greatly hurt his classmates but it was his son who suffered the most. He could no longer concentrate on his studies and he became socially withdrawn. He felt humiliated without fair reasons.

It was a case of identity theft that needed to be given special attention that’s why Tom had to seek the skills and expertise of a private investigator.  Tom had thought that he should be smart about this for his son’s sake. He knew the false Facebook account was still active. So, he and his wife had decided to resolve this issue privately. They never gave any hint in school or from the police authority that this issue has already reached their senses. They did not want to give the suspect a reason to shutdown the false account so it can still be viable for investigation.

After Tom told his investigator friend all the important details about the case, he was assured that the investigation will involve tracking down the offender and be shown evidences of this ugly online activity.

Robert was very empathetic to Tom. He knew how it felt to have a son suffer from unfair cruelty. To ease things up, he invited Tom for a beer at their house lanai and started to set aside serious matters. They talked as two friends catching up with each other’s lives and conversing random things – from homes for sale in Oxford to retirement plans. It’s been ten years since they last saw each other. They needed more time to bond with each other.

Tom went home hopeful about his son’s fate. His friend Robert had investigated the identity theft crime and was able to track down the student who was the reason of Tom’s son misery. He was taught a lesson by taking him into police custody and he was asked to make an apology to Tom’s son and to all the students he bullied. The case was successfully solved.

At school, teachers and parents worked together to formulate programs to protect the students from being victimized by identity theft and other possible cyber crimes.  Lessons about character formation were intensified and more valuable information about social media was handed out through campaigns. The case had become a big lesson for everybody.

Here is a video on cyberbullying that everyone should take the time to watch:

BJJ and the South

A few weeks ago I was working a case in Alabama. I love the southern hospitality Alabama always brings to their visitors. Also the country food they have around is pretty good too. I was eating at a family owned little restaurant while I was there this past time. I met so many interesting people. This one person I met was a very interesting character.

His name was Cole Harper. He was only about 5”5” and kind of stocky. He loved southern food but there was something else about him. I was there for a few days. So we met up a few times to grab a bite of food, show me around town, and meet very interesting southerns.

Then he asked me about my job. So I told him. He thought it could get kind of dangerous. I told him that it would at times. Then Cole told me that he was a black belt in BJJ. I was shocked. I never would have thought a small town would have someone of his level there.

So I had to go watch one of his classes. I have to say that I was very impressed with his techniques. And the gi that he wore looked amazing. I asked him what type it was the he was wearing. He told me it was a Shoyoroll gi. Those are very nice gis if you have never seen one before. But I always love being in the south. A new story every time I visit.

Pitiful Tampa Attorney Hired Me to Spy on his Wife

This Woman Will Surely Make This Tampa Attorney Cry

An exciting task for me, this happens to be more of a personal matter for a serious man of the law. Somehow this Tampa Attorney has some suspicion on his beloved wife, as she is always visiting another lawyer’s office which is quite truly questionable since her husband is already one. Why would she visit another firm every single day that she knew is a competitor of her husband?

I started my observation on the office the woman was always visiting. To my thinking, I have to know who the employees inside the office are. So what better way to know without getting suspicion that I’m spying them…, is to check their website which can be easily seen printed on their window –

I checked on the site and luckily got more information who their attorneys are, allowing me an easy access to their pictures, along that I got their number: (813) 907-9807. I called it and pretended to be a client needing of assistance and further asked who are the available lawyers and their schedules.

Funny Tampa Attorney Hired Me to Spy on his Wife
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Getting the lawyer’s schedules is a very important part as it will let me know who will be present during the mischievous wife’s visits. Now I already have a suspect but unfortunately I can’t put their further details here.

The wife is always present on around 1 in the afternoon till 3, and I have been observing that for about a week now. And in my rigorous investigation, I could finally confirm that this woman is having an affair with a certain lawyer in that firm. They went on a date during the same time and I followed them to confirm that my assumption was true, and no doubt it was. I’ve seen and took a picture of them checking in a motel.

I think that this will actually devastate my client’s heart. He is still busy this week about their promo service which they promise that there will be no fee unless they win. Of course, they have to win in order to get paid, and I don’t want to submit my investigation results because it will surely affect his work. So until he is still occupied, I won’t bring him the bad news that his suspicion is precisely correct.

One thing about my job that somehow I don’t love is the part is when I provide this type of news or result. I am a bringer of truth and factual information, it could be a painful truth, but it is the truth that some of my clients have to face and endure. I just wish the best and I hope he knows how to cope up with it after.

Thanks for reading today’s story and I hope it will serve as a lesson that nothing can be kept as secret if you hire someone to dig deep. No one can grasp on smoke.

Life is Easy When You Meet An Excellent Anniston Attorney

The life of private investigators is when they work together with a reliable Anniston Attorney.

excellent attorneyWhen you are looking for someone to help you with anything that you want, a private investigator is the one you need. He or she will be there to serve you with the things that you want him or her to know and make a report to you of what he or she gathered to help you in your needs. They are indeed essential especially when you want to solve a case on your own and you don’t want the case to be shared to the public. For example, when you want to know what your husband or wife is doing everyday, you can hire a private investigator to give you the details or whereabouts of the person you want him or her to investigate.

Private Investigators Responsibilities

Looking for the right private investigator that will suit your needs is not an easy thing to do especially for the fact that they are private, you can’t simply call and hire them. You need someone who is an expert in looking for a private investigator. As soon as you talked to the private investigator that you have chosen, you need to provide the details of what or whom you want him or her to investigate. You also need to set a time frame on when he or she should report to you with the latest updates on the investigation. He or she should be very specific with the leads he or she needs to update you that will help you in solving your case, issue or problem.

Sources of Private Investigators

Private investigators have their own sources that can help them with their investigation. With the job they have, they know who to call or where to go to get details on how to work with the investigation they are handling. If you hire them to get details of a person from another state, they make sure to do massive research and get to know the people who can provide them with details. Also, they simply follow the people on where they are located and check out what they are doing. Today, pi’s are looking forward to an attorney in every place they are located. They realized that lawyers could greatly help them with their investigations.

How Lawyers Help Private Investigators

find-good-lawyerLawyers know the legal aspect of any investigation and they can support the needs of the private investigators for them to maximize their investigations. For example, attorneys at are working together with some private investigators in getting leads for their case. In return, when these private investigators need something from they, they can simply call them at their number 256-792-3193 and get help from them. They work together best in solving their cases.

Hiring a private investigator is a big help in solving your issues and problems. Although you spend huge amount of money for it, you are sure that you get the right report from them because they are working together with reliable people such as these lawyers.

Basic PI: Determining a Cheating Partner

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Do you want to be a Private Investigator, someday? Or do you just feel the need for a little know-how on something, right now?

Well then, let’s teach you the basics on knowing if your partner, may it be your spouse or your boyfriend/girlfriend, is cheating on you or is seeing someone else.

Why this? Because it is one of the most common things that private investigators are asked to investigate on. It is a growing societal issue that has been haunting both men and women who are in relationships. Hence, we can conclude that it is a pretty basic Private Investigator skill to know when someone is cheating or not.

If the following tell-tale signs are present in your partner, then you should go ahead and contact a private investigator to do the proper investigation. You should not confront without evidence since you would end up the bad person. Evidence can only be provided if you have an investigator look for them through legal ways.

Signs of a Cheating Partner

  1. In the beginning, the cheater will be attentive to his or her partner. Why? At this stage, guilt is still in check. While it is there, it might not be enough to make them stop.
  2. Of course, this attention could also go the other way, wherein every little mistake you do becomes a big argument and you are confused as to why he has so much rage in him just because you forgot to turn the bathroom lights out or something.

This act normally happens when the affair has been going on for a while already. This is their way of justifying to themselves why YOU are the reason for their cheating, even when in truth, it is entirely their own fault.

  1. They start to care less about the events in your home. This could go from as little as being too lazy to fix the plumbing on the bathroom sink and hiring some Oxford plumber instead, when before he would go all out to show just how manly he is(if the cheating partner is the husband/boyfriend). Or it could be as big as something more heart-breaking like forgetting someone’s birthday.
  2. There will definitely be a change in your partner’s love making. This could either become more frequent or less frequent, but there will be a change. Also, there will come a time when they will request you for something odd or unlike them at all, and while this may seem to be just an attempt to bring something new to the table, it could also be a subtle sign that he is hoping he is with someone else.
  3. Change in attitude towards you will be greatly felt. If you feel it, then more often than not, it really is happening.
  4. Change in expenditures is also a crucial thing to check. If he is spending more than he usually does, then where is that extra expense headed? If he keeps it a secret or gives you vague explanations on where he spends the money, then something is definitely up. You can check his credit transactions and see what things he has been purchasing. If, for some reason, he has paid for a plumbing contractor in Oxford Alabama, then that should be fine. That is, if that plumber went to fix plumbing problems in YOUR home, and not someone else’s.

These are just but signs, and there is really no telling if someone is cheating unless evidence is presented. Kinda like how an Oxford AL plumber would have to do a check-up first before assuming anything is actually wrong with your toilet or water heater. They can’t conclude what’s broken with your pipeline through your phone call. They will have to see it for themselves. Evidence is key to making any decisions.

That is why when you feel these things starting to occur, best gather evidence through a private investigator.

The Difference Between a Movie Private Investigator and a Real One

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If you are asked to describe a private investigator, more or less, you are surely going to describe the famous fictional character named Sherlock Holmes – has great powers of deduction, very observant senses, often times crosses the lines of law in order to catch his culprit, a fan of dumpster searching and late night lurking, and of course, someone who always ends up solving the mystery in the most dramatic way.

While this is a lovely idea that we private eyes would like to live up to, this is not mostly the case. The depiction of a private investigator in the movies and other media platforms have some facts and misconceptions about what a real private investigator is and what we truly do.

Basically, we are like civilian policemen. We can investigate a certain complain and pursue suspects for questioning, but, we do not have the power to arrest. Also, we were not born with the talent to become private investigators like Sherlock Holmes did. We had to train, get accredited, and study the law before we could practice this profession and succeed in it.

The things we investigate are also less dramatic than the movies, and are more serious in nature. We deal with business fraud and we help people undergoing litigation. Most of the time, we recover children that were separated from their parents for different reasons. Our tasks involve a lot of background checking and re-tracing of steps of the people we are trying to prove fraudulent or we are trying to look for.

Unlike in the movies, we cannot cross the line of the law. This will cause us our accreditation and damage our reputation. Hence, it is not true that we access bank accounts and medical records in secret and without consent. There is no point in doing it even if we could, because whatever we gather illegally, will be inadmissible as evidence in the court. Doing this like private investigators do in the movies, will cost us real money and real time, and as private eyes, we do not want to waste our client’s finances.

To enumerate, here are some of the things that private investigators like me, actually do:

  • Find an address, may it be a current one or an old one
  • Identify known aliases of people
  • Locate birth, death and marriage records, as well as divorce filings
  • Locate bankruptcy filings
  • Reveal improper relationships
  • Review criminal records
  • Identify mobile numbers, their owners and locations
  • Locate and interview witnesses for lawsuits
  • Gather important intelligence materials in a discreet yet legal manner

The list could go on, but this sums up a lot of the more genuine things that we actually do.

And no, we don’t wear trench coats.